Stretch Marks – What They Are and Why You Get Them

People often ask a similar question, again and again. How can you eliminate stretch marks? This is really a very good question because it’s a lot easier to stop them than for treatment of them. Treatment options are available though they’re expensive in time, cash, and energy.

Just what exactly are stretch marks?

Essentially, these marks are definitely the result of skin which is stretched to the use of becoming overextended. If this occurs, the skin will lose its elasticity. It’s so much like stretching an elastic garter way too many occasions, causing it to lose its elasticity.

Skin requires both collagen and elastin to keep its elasticity. These are things that the body normally produces in huge quantities when we’re younger. When these 2 things are not produced in huge numbers, the skin will lose its texture, tone, and firmness.

If this occurs, the marks are going to start showing up on the skins top level that is known as the epidermis. Before they show up on the top layer they’ll definitely appear on the center layer of the skin that is known as the dermis.

How can you get stretch marks?

The best solution to the question “How do you receive stretch marks” is everything that can cause the skin to stretch causes them. It’s also true you’re much more vulnerable to these marks as you grow older since your skin normally starts to lose elasticity. In several cases, the marks are able to create in young people. The primary conditions that create this are:

  • Pregnancy usually leads to stretch marks because excess weight gain is common. The skin is stretched tighter than regular, particularly across the belly, though other parts such as the arms, hips, and thighs may, in addition, be impacted. When a female gets to her pre-pregnancy excess weight, the marks show up.

  • Losing weight may, unfortunately, lead to stretch marks whether or not you’re expecting. Obese people that use weight loss regimens to slim down needs to be mindful that the places where the most fat is sacrificed are prone to these marks. Bodybuilders that lose muscle mass after tournaments in addition face this particular issue.
  • Using steroids like cortisone is able to result in the look of these marks too. Since the hormones in the method are interrupted the generation of elastin and collagen can be compromised.
  • Teens and pre-adolescent kids also can develop these marks, however, not due to increased stretching of your skin. It’s true that this particular part of the world’s public will likely not experience it almost as females that are pregnant and people that lose a great deal of weight. Nevertheless, most teens face this issue.


Rather than asking “What are stretch marks?” or perhaps “How do you receive stretch marks?” individuals will be more well off searching for ways to stay away from getting them within the very first place or even just how to properly deal with them. You are able to stay away from these marks altogether by consuming a lot of fresh veggies and fruits, drinking a great deal of water, and using quality moisturizers on the skin. In case these marks or maybe striae have already come out on your skin you are able to help vanish them with anti-stretch or laser therapy mark creams. Also, interestingly enough, mentions using coconut oil for stretch marks from pregnancy. They discuss it more extensively so you should jump onto their blog site and check it out too.

Soon, these marks on your skin will likely be a little something of the past. You are going to be ready to love wearing sundresses, bikinis, and shorts.