What Dance Competition Judges Want



Expressions are an integral part in any form of dance. Some ideas can only be conveyed through emotions rather through dance moves. The variations of the emotions can drastically improve the quality of the dance. A tip for expressions is that if you don’t know what expression to convey, smile.

Choreography and Execution

It is important for a dancer to tell a story through their dance. The judges will see what kind of story a dancer creates on the stage. Also, at the same time, they will notice the how the dancer executes the choreography. If the dancer lacks in either of them, the intended impact might not be established.


Just like everything has its own sets of rules, dance to has its own rules which a dancer has to follow while performing. A judge will make sure the dancers are implementing these rules or not. This is crucial for any dance performance. Judges tend to take off points if the dancers’ performance quality does not match the technique.

Use of Props

If props are being used by the dancers to perform, the judges check if they’re used effectively and accurately. The more effective use it’s been put through, the more points the dancer tends to receive.

Costumes and Makeup

costumes and make ups

Costumes and makeup add an aesthetic value to the whole dance performance. The colour combination of the costume and makeup make the dance look even better.


One of the critical aspects that the judges check is the hand-body-leg coordination. They will also check whether the movements are in sync with song/music. If it is a group dance, they will check if all the members are in coordination.

Eye Contact

Another thing that the judges notice is how you maintain your eye contact with them. This does not mean you have to stare at them throughout the performance. The judges love to be acknowledged, and this can score you some points.

Have Fun!

Competitions can be stressful and hard for you. It can be quite overwhelming. Your months of hard work and dedication all depends on that one performance, so you have fun with it. Judges tend to enjoy when a dance performance is fun, and the dancers let go of what is holding them back.