Advantages and Disadvantages of Aluminum Patios and Carports

Aluminum carports and also patio covers have grown to be attractive and popular home improvement. The item itself has been used for years. As a lightweight and material that is long-lasting, aluminum is a great option to stick-built or maybe metal structures.

Features, different colors, and types have developed over the years to give homeowners many choices. These days we are going to discuss the pros and cons of these famous aluminum structures.


Durability – My parents are residing in a similar home for more than thirty years. Their patio protection was fitted in the late 1960s, plus is standing and functional. This product is going to stand the test of your time with nothing more than washing once a year. Most companies engineer their equipment to withstand wind and ice loads. As an outcome, baring natural environmental disasters, your deck cover or maybe carport will provide you with years of use.

There are Adelaide based carport builders who will make sure to deliver not only sturdy carports, but also quality service, too. We suggest you check them out after reading this post.

Attractive – As mentioned above, with a bit of upkeep your carport or maybe deck cover will remain to look great for years. The lightweight aluminum pans won’t ever rust. You will find an assortment of styles to choose from and many types of the framework that will satisfy some homeowner.

Structural Simplicity – Due to the lightweight nature of aluminum, a deck cover may be connected straight to your patio slab, and also carports may be attached directly to your garage. In addition, attachment to the home requires minimal anchoring. Note: several places might require content being established in concrete, check with the codes division in your location.

One of the greatest benefits of Aluminum structures will be the minimum fall required for set up. Aluminum carports and also patio covers require just ΒΌ” of spring /ft. span. A shingled roof takes at the least 4″ of spring /ft spanned, which usually produces trouble with headspace on the outside.

Functionality – Not many home improvement projects are able to supply the quality usefulness that an aluminum deck cover or maybe carport can. Patio covers over decks as well as patios provide an escape from strong sun and water, and can easily cause them to become a lot more helpful and pleasant. Aluminum carports (freestanding or even attached) is able to offer excellent protection for your cars when a storage area isn’t accessible.


Bird Nests – The W pan aluminum is known for attracting birds. There are many plugs that manufacturers provide, and it’s recommended you demand these during the time of set up. They do add price but is going to save you in the limitless headache of cleaning out the pans.

Trees – All Aluminum carports and patio covers have integrated downspouts and gutters, in the fall in case you reside in wooded location foliage are a continuous issue. Because aluminum structures don’t need as much incline on the roof, actually leaves and debris is a lot more apt to accumulate.

The most popular issue I see is exactly where this particular accumulation of foliage is still left unattended, preventing up gutters, backing up drinking water and eventually causing the panels to bow and leak.

Rust on the Framework – Most lightweight aluminum patio covers, as well as carports, are fitted with metal bar joists, and also posts, although painted before set up, the organic exposure to the elements will ultimately result in the components showing rust (especially at ground contact)

Hail – The one most, issue with aluminum carports and also patio covers is hail. We replace some of these every year. Due to the lightweight dynamics of lightweight aluminum, a hail storm is able to provide little unattractive dings within the panels. Most homeowners insurance protection this and in many instances in case hail is difficult enough you are going to have various other harm to your home.

As a contractor for many, many years, I’ve learned to value the practical beauty of aluminum carports and also patio covers. The benefits of these products much outweigh the drawbacks. Nearly all the disadvantages are avoided with basic maintenance.