4 Diet Tips from the Celebs!

Celebrities are always under pressure to maintain a small waist-line. Unlike us, they are under heavy scrutiny by the public. We are able to enjoy that extra slice of pizza with extra cheese and toppings. We may gain an extra pound of five, and we’ll still have our jobs to go to on Monday morning. Celebrities don’t have this luxury and their jobs are based on their appearance. In some cases, weight gain can even lead to them losing their jobs.

Higher Metabolism

Some people have the ability to lose weight by eating more food. Jessica biel for instance, eats five times a day to lose extra weight. She says she eats non-fat yogurt and whole-grains for her breakfast. You eats a lean meat like chicken or fish with veggies for lunch and dinner. For the other meals in between she will snack on low calorie foods like fruits and vegetables. This way of eating results in a higher metabolism, leading to more calories being burned and more weight lost.

Eating five meals throughout the day means you aren’t starving yourself throughout the day. This keeps your metabolism going. If you starve yourself, your body will start breaking down the muscle. You want the body to get rid of the fat rather than muscle.

Everything in Moderation

Paula Deen is well known for her southern way of cooking. Everything with extra butter and high-calories. She has since changed the way she goes about cooking after discovering she has diabetes. You won’t see her with that noteable stick of butter anymore nor the ungodly amounts of sugar. She still enjoys her southern style of home cooking, except with a bit of substitutes.

Paula practices eating in moderation. She doesn’t deprive herself of any of the foods she likes, she just learned how to portion who food to the appropriate amount. Rather than eating an entire an entire cake, she has a piece. She also learned that eating slower results in you feeling fuller faster. Your brain takes twenty mintues to get the signal that you are now full.

Drink Coconut Water

Celebs like Madonna, Demi Moore, and Matthew McConaughey are just a few people who are using coconut water to lose weight. Similar to coffee, coconut water is able to increase your metabolism. Unlike coffee, there are added vitamins like potassium, calcium, and magnesium. Many people aren’t even eating these necessary vitamins, even though they are crucial for your diet.

Drink Cleanse

Celebs have been known to drink a variety of concotions, however Beyonce Knowles noted she uses liquid diets and the master cleanse to slim down. The master cleanse is a mixture of water, lemon juice, real maple syrup, and cayenne pepper. This diet not only sheds the pounds, it also results in new tissue growth.