Radio Station

Oak Radio station is not your regular radio station. We let the music speak for itself and leave the annoying commentaries out of the sound waves. Yes, you read it right. Finally, a radio station without the fluff.

In spite of the new format, we do not want to leave our audience up in the air. We have this website to let our DJs and listeners communicate and interact via online message boards and live chat. You can also give us a shoutout or participate in a poll if you want to request a song and we promise to play the most requested one on air. Not an online person? We still have our telephone lines open to keep in touch.

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Don’t get us wrong; we still feature weather and traffic reports from time to time. But we make sure that they are as brief as possible. We want you to enjoy the music as you tune in to us.

We love to hear from you as much as you want to listen to us!